Generic Genome Browser of WUSTL Phages

Welcome to the Generic Genome Browser of WUSTL phages!

Students will have the opportunity to choose which phage they will annotate. Your TA will discuss with you which phage are available and how to access the data on your particular phage. The links below provide access to the genome browser for many WUSTL phages.

To see a complete list of all WUSTL phages visit the 727-825-1239 at the Actinobacteriophage Database.

Computational Analysis of Phage

The predictions and data in the Database were produced by the following programs:

Phage Databases

Bio 192 Phages for 2018:

Bio 2961 Phages for 2018:

Bio 192 Phages for 2017:

Bio 2961 Phages for 2017:

Unannotated Phage:

Practice Database:

You can get the etude DNA sequence here. Depending on your browser settings you may need to right-click or option-click on the link to download the file.

Generic Genome Browser Documentation

Online tutorial and sample data files for installation of a Generic Genome Browser
Installation and configuration manual
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Example scripts to control GBrowse from the command line

Learning More

To find out more about Gbrowse, try the:

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